Kevin Whitehead's Ancestry

Ever since I can remember I have always had a love for history, most notably the Civil War and the history that took place around my home state of Georgia. Some of my earliest memories are going to battlefields or historic houses with my mother and uncles. As I have gotten older and began to conduct my own research on specific topics that I find interesting I was intrigued to find out where my ancestors were and what they experienced. Naturally I started with the Civil War and while building my family tree I would document every soldier I found. At first I was excited to find a handful of names. Then the number kept growing. At this point I have discovered 139 grandfathers, uncles, and first cousins who served during the war. At first that may seem like an impossible amount but on second thought with the understanding of how families multiply over time it gains clarity. The fact of the matter is that everyone had eight Great, Great, Great Grandfathers. Going on one more generation gives you sixteen Great X4 Grandfathers. Coming back a generation gives you four Great Great Grandfathers. That gives you a total of 28 grandfathers who could fall into military age during the Civil War and that is only one side of your family. If you then take into account their brothers and their brother's children you can see just how many thousands men fall into the correct age for service.

I am dedicating this site to record and chronicle my research of my family history. I do this entirely for my enjoyment and document it this way for the ease of sharing with friends and family with similar interests. My main work is the master list of veterans. My secondary work is family members who were present at critical battles and biographies on regiments in which they served.

Being as this is my first foray into web site building I am sure there will be dead links and strange formatting but hopefully it will improve as I go.

Family Battle Surveys

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